Violetta’s 2019 Reviews


07/06/2019       Much said, little heard


o5/09/2019    A Romantic Chamber Orchestra


o5/03/2019   A Masterful Master Class


04/28/2019   A Luminous Afternoon

Violetta’s 2018 Reviews


07/22/2018   A Great Artist at Home



Violetta’s 2017 Reviews 


08/27/2017            András Schiff revisited


08/17/2017             Paris is always a good idea




Violetta’s 2016 Reviews


08/22/2016           From the Land of the Midnight Sun


06/18/2016           Kremer in Rio


06/09/2016           A dashing Rosenkavalier


01/08/2016       An Enchanted Evening in Leme




Violetta’s 2015 Reviews


08/30/2015        Sino-Russian Summit at Rio’s Theatro Municipal


07/05/2015      Violoncelo em São Petersburgo


06/01/2015        The Thrill of Complete Cycles


05/05/2015                The Great Gidon!


03/04/2015        Virtuosity serving Music


03/03/2015    The Joy of Chamber Music


Violetta’s 2014 Reviews


07/09/2014   200 milhões de personagens em busca de um enredo


04/12/2014  The Blissful Cloak of Anonymity


04/09/2014  O Vale Encantado



Violetta’s 2013 Reviews


11/09/2013   Violetta no Novo Mundo


08/19/2013     A Standing Ovation for a (n Out) Standing Quartet


08/17/2013       Aimez-vous Brahms?


08/14/2013         Mostly Rossini


08/08/2013        A Baritone goes Underground


08/07/2013      Mostly Mozart Revisited


08/02/2013     The Reluctant Impressionist


03/07/2013     The Art of Fashion or Fashion in Art


02/23/2013     Ambiguous Title for a Strong Play


02/07/13   Two Generations of Exceptional Talent at Carnegie Hall


 01/28/13   A Quartet with a Stiff Upper Lip


 01/27/13  Isserlis and the Romantic Cello


 01/12/13  Vil Bastarda!



Violetta’s 2012 Reviews


12/20/12  Belated Impressions of a Late Quartet



11/5/12  Villa-Lobos in New York


 11/4/12  Chamber Music in the Wake of Sandy


9/27/12  A Tale of Two Operas


9/14/12  Tchaikovskyfest at Salle Pleyel


8/24/12   Mostly Mozart ends in Beauty…with Beethoven!


8/17/12    Mostly Mozart shines…with Brahms!


8/10/12    The Bard College Music Festival celebrates Saint-Saens.


8/9/12    Not Once, but Twice on Broadway


7/31/12   Mostly Mozart – Mostly Disappointing


7/22/12 A Great Weekend at Aston Magna and Tanglewood


5/5/12 Whimsical Marionettes and Stuffy Pianist


4/20/12 The Master Teaches, the Master Plays…


4/18/12 A Master’s Master Class


3/16/12 Ethno-Music – Baroque and Contemporary


Violetta’s 2011 Reviews


7/14/11 Missteps at Lincoln Center


11/11/11 The Quintessential New York Tourist and Kiddie Trap: Radio City Music Hall


10/22/11 The Met!


10/18/11 Paul Lewis, When Intellect Serves Emotion


10/13/11 The Met – II The Don!


10/5/11 Opening Night at Carnegie Hall: The Magic Begins


9/25/11 Brazil Swings Lincoln Center, a João Carlos Martins Triumph


9/14/11 The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio & Sting as Special Guest


5/18/11 Concert at the Vatican


3/26/11 And Now… Martha Argerich!


3/20/11 The Three Musketeers from Spain – Not 20, But 3 Years Later


2/19/11 A Double Dose of Brahms – Nelson Freire & Alan Gilbert


2/18/11 Putting Music Into Words


2/3/11 Omaggio a Glenn Gould


Violetta’s 2008 Reviews


8/23/08 On the Thalys from Paris to Cologne


8/23/08 Cologne on the Rhine – Mostly about the Dom


8/18/08 Musical Summer in Berlin


5/18/08 Diplomatic Excursion to Pomerania


3/18/08 Pinchas Zuckerman Revisited


2/18/08 Berlinale Marginalia


Violetta’s 2007 Reviews


12/18/07 Pinchas Zuckerman


11/02/07 Carmen in a Bunker – Staatsoper Unter den Linden


10/31/07 Cuarteto Casals – Konzerthaus Berlin


10/28/07 Chamber Music at the Staatsoper


10/27/07 The Elf and the Monk


10/14/07 Kronberg-sur-Seine


10/4/07 The Kronberg Gazette